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Gunslinger (AP2) Fighter Pilot (1978, AP2, Softape) Burn-Out (AP2, Softape) Bubbles (AP2, Softape) Planetoids (AP2, Softape) Journey (AP2, Softape) Photar (1981, AP2, Softape) aka Nightcrawler; Centipede-like Gomoku (1980, AP2, Artsci) Reversi (1980, AP2, Artsci) P Defender (1982, 800, Atari) from coin Star Mines (1983, AP2. (1983, INT, Imagic) Funk, Stefan TB Water-Way (1984, 800, CPU) Frogger-like TB Galaxians (1984, 800, CPU) Furry, Dennis Genesis (1983, AP2, Datasoft) Gagnon, Claude. 50 Of the Jews killed, 59 died during the rioting and 8 more later succumbed to their wounds. 28 "What I Saw in Hebron", The National Center for Jewish Film, Israel, 1999, 73 min, color, Hebrew Arabic w/ English subtitles. Humphrey (1983, C64,. Crisis Mountain (1982, AP2, Synergistic) Dino Eggs (1983, AP2, Micro Fun) Short Circuit (1984, AP2, Micro Lab) Ho! Death Star (1982, 800, SoftSide) TB Space Rescue (1982, 800, SoftSide) Stellar Shuttle (1982, 800, brod) Ryan, David Maze Adventure (1983, 800, Home Computing Weekly) Zombie Island (1983, 800, Home Computing Weekly) The Gold Run (1984, 800, Home Computing Weekly) Ryan, John TB Concentration Station. Numerous Jewish synagogues were vandalised and desecrated. Novelist Amnesia, with Kevin Bentley (1986, AP2/C64/PC, EA) diSessa, Andy Dazzle Dart, with Harold Abelson, Nat Goodman (1974?, PD) Ditton, Richard Elaine Journey (1983, coin, Bally Midway) Dixon, Kevin TB Spheroids (1990, C64, compute!'s Gazette) Dobson, Tim Monsters (1983, BBC, Acornsoft) Dollahite, Garth TI Invaders. (1988, 800, Page 6) TB Dilemma (1990, 800, Page 6) Hobbs, Ed Seafox (1982, AP2, brod) Triad (1982, AP2, AI) Syzygy (1983, AP2) Castles. P Blagger (1983, BBC, Alligata) from C64 Goodman, Chris John cofounders of Hardwood Smasher (1983, 800, APX) Twirlybird (1984, 800, Hardwood) Goodman, Marc Asteroid (1980, AP2, AI) aka Planetoids, Asteroids-like Space Warrior (1981, AP2, brod) The Bilestoad (1982, AP2, Datamost) Goodman, Nat Dazzle Dart, with. T Cosmic Glob (1986, 800, analog) Epelboim, Yakov Pushky (1982, 800, APX) Devilator (1983, 800, Zebra) Erdling, Elroy. P The Atarians, with Fred Yates (1977, PIN, Atari) Time 2000 (1977, PIN, Atari) P Airborne Avenger (1978, PIN, Atari) P Space Riders (1978, PIN, Atari) P Superman (1979, PIN, Atari) P Lazer Ball (1979, PIN, Williams) P Firepower (1980, PIN, Williams) Defender, with Larry.

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(1987, PC, First Row) Altered Destiny (1990, AMI, Accolade) D Search for the King, with Steve Cartwright (1990, PC, Accolade) Snoopy's Game Club, with Gene Smith (1992, Accolade) D Bubsy Bobcat (1993, snes/GEN, Accolade) D Columbo's Mystery Capers, with Marc Blank (1994, Newton, Starcore) Motile. Creator of the Odyssey many of the original Odyssey games (1972, Odyssey, Magnavox) Simon, with Howard Morrison (1978, hand, MB) Super Simon (1979, hand, MB) Maniac (1979, hand, Ideal) Baggs, Scott. (1990, spec) Soko-ban-like Pipework (1991, spec, Your Sinclair) Haunted House (1991, spec, Your Sinclair) Super Fruit Machine (1991, spec, Sinclair User) Megablast (1992, spec, Your Sinclair) Squamble (1983, spec, Your Sinclair) Egghead 3 (2003, spec, Cronosoft) Gloop! Go and reassure the Jewish population." Two hours later, a mob incited by speeches started breaking into Jewish homes with cries of "Kill the Jews." The massacre lasted an hour and a half, and only after it had died down, did the police take action. Golden Mountain (1980, AP2, brod) Tomlinson, John P Mission X (1983, INT, Mattel) from coin Toms, Kevin Football Manager (1984, spec, Addictive) Topley, Kim Fantasia Diamond (1984, spec, Hewson) Torkington, Andy Panic Dizzy (1991, C64, Codemasters) Torrance, Peter Seabase Delta, with Colin Liddle (1986, C64. 23 During the riots of 19, Hebron's Jews had been spared the violence that broke out elsewhere. (1990, C64, Impulze) P Mountain Bike Racer (1990, C64, Zeppelin) P World Soccer (1990, 800, Zeppelin) P Titanic Blinky (1991, ST, Zeppelin) Copeland, Maureen P Transmuter (1987, 800, Codemasters) from spec Corr, Frank asylum, with William Denman (1981, TRS, Screenplay) Corsiglia, Jeff D Towering Inferno. (1984, C64, Bourne) Tunnel Vision (1987, C64, Hewson) Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (1988, C64, Audiogenic) Blitz, Stan B Bridge 1 (AP2, Softape) Blumenthal, Lee TB Draw Poker, with Joel Willard (1980, TRS, SoftSide) Bobbio, Robert P Lost Tomb, with Troy Lyndon, Mark Brodie (1984, C64. 66 Other survivors and descendants of survivors support the new Jewish community in Hebron. King Cribbage (1981, AP2, Hayden) Rotberg, Ed Atari Baseball (1979, coin, Atari) L Battlezone (1980, coin, Atari) G Hat Trick (1985, coin, Bally Sente) Goalie Ghost, with Owen Rubin, Jon Kinsting (1984, coin, Bally Sente) P Name That Tune (1986, coin, Bally Sente) L Blasteroids.

(1983, 800, SSI) Batallion Commander (1985, 800 SSI) Hillen, Steve T Deathzone (1986, 800, analog). Missing or empty title ( help ) and Aug. Greye) Escape (1982, spec, New Generation) 3D Tunnel (1983, spec, New Generation) Corridors of Genon (1983, spec, New Generation) Knot in 3D (1983, spec, New Generation) Trashman (1984, spec, New Generation) Travel with Trashman (1984, spec, New Generation) Evans, Steve Eagle Empire (1984, C64, Alligata). P Yahtzee (1978, AP2, Apple) Ford, Alex P Reversal (1983, C64, Hayden) from AP2 Ford, Jay. Freex (1984, spec, Software Supersavers) Roboto (1986, spec, Bug-Byte) Smith, Gareth Shaft Raider (1982, 800, Program One) Smith, Gary Scott Realms of Darkness (1987, AP2, SSI) co-designed with Duong Nghiem P First Over Germany (1988, C64, SSI) Tangled Tales (1989, AP2, Origin) Smith, Gene Bomb. Pants (2004, GBA, THQ) Stanfield, Dan P Snake Byte (1982, VIC/C64, Sirius) from AP2 Stanton,.K. TB Bomb Run (1985, 800, Atari User) TB Guy Fawkes (1985, 800, Atari User) TB Maze Munch (1985, 800, Atari User) Pac-Man-like TB Bounce (1986, 800, Atari User) Wadsworth, Simon Adventure (1981, ZX81, Bug-Byte) Invasion Force (1981, ZX81, Artic) Invasion Force (1982, spec, Artic) Gobbleman. Super Pachinko (1980, TRS, Programma) Macrae, Douglas. Enigma, with Mark Moore (1985, C16, Commodore) Robo Knight (1987, C16, US Gold) Barton, Andy T Exwall (1989, 800, Antic) Barton, Anthony Vortex Raider (1983, C64, Interceptor) Bandana City (1984, C64, Interceptor) Basham, Bill Dogfight (1980, AP2, Micro Lab) Bass, Daniel P Loco-Motion (1982, INT. (800, PD) B Downhill (1981, 800, APX) B Solitaire (1981, 800, APX) Getaway! You won't enter here!." They pushed him. (1983, 800, EA) G Seven Cities of Gold (1984, 800, EA) G Heart of Africa (1985, C64, EA) Rushton,.J. P Shark Attack, with Ian Morrison (1982, spec, Romik) from VIC Colour Clash, with Ian Morrison (1983, spec, Romik) Amidar-like Galactic Trooper, with Ian Morrison (1983, spec, Romik) Brain Damage, with Ian Morrison (1983, spec, Silversoft) Deffendar, with Ian Morrison (1984, spec, Mikro-Gen) Defender-like. Swat (1986, 800, mast) from C64.D.I.

Arabs had begun breaking into Jewish homes. (1986, 800, mast) Fox, David L Rescue on Fractalus! (1982, VIC, compute!) Webster, Bruce Sundog: Frozen Legacy, with Wayne Holder (1984, AP2, FTL) Webster, Roger Earthly Delights, with Daniel Leviton (1984, AP2, Datamost) Webster, Ron TB Boing! (1983, 800, EA) G Seven Cities of Gold (1984, 800, EA) G Heart of Africa (1985, C64, EA) Robot Rascals, with Dan Bunten (1986, C64, EA) Watson, John Pro Golf (1986, spec, Atlantis) Pro Golf II (1988, spec, Atlantis) Watt, Kim Space Colony (1980, TRS. Adventures in Flesh (1983, AP2, Krell) Williams, Glen Space Spikes, with Rod Nelsen (1983, AP2, Three Sigma) Williams, John. T Gravinauts (1985, C64, Ahoy!) TB Guardian (1986, C64, Ahoy!) TB Teleporter (1986, C64, Ahoy!) TB Archer (1987, C128, Ahoy!) TB Lost Dutchman's Mine (1988, C64, Ahoy!) TB Phantasy (1988, C128, Ahoy!) TB Phobia (1988, C64, Ahoy!) TB Rashgar (1988, C128, Ahoy!) TB Snap Snake. Jewish homes were pillaged and synagogues were ransacked. Games for later platforms are included to show the history of designers that started with 8-bit systems. Armor Alley, with Greg Hale (1991, MAC/PC, Three-Sixty) Broadhurst, David Metranaut (1986, C64, Bubble Bus) Brock, Ernie P Type Attack, with Jim escort lillehammer trans escort Hauser (1982, 800, Sirius) Brocklehurst,. (1984, C64, Avalon Hill) Winter, Michael TB Super Sub escort lillehammer trans escort (1979, TRS, SoftSide) TB Meltdown (1979, TRS, SoftSide) Wise, Edwin Dueling Digits (1981, AP2, brod) Wise, Mike P Lode Runner (1983, VIC, brod) from AP2 P Seafox (1983, VIC, brod) from AP2 Wittenmayer, Frank. Federmeyer, Ed Edtris 2600 (1995, 2600, self) Tetris-like Fedor, John TB Knock! Israel in the Middle East: Documents and Readings on Society, Politics, and Foreign Relations, Pre-1948 to the Present, upne 2008.85 Segev, Tom (2000. Do-like Pengon (1984, 800, Microdeal) Pengo-like P Danger Ranger (1984, 800, Microdeal) P Cuthbert Goes Walkabout (1984, 800, Microdeal) from DRAo Run-Run (1984, C64, Microdeal) from coin Jay, Simon The Helm (1985, C64, Firebird) Jeffrey, Dwayne P Crime Stopper, with Tom Luhrs (1984, C64, Hayden). (1981, 2600, ACT) Avalanche-like Kaplan, Richard B Star Voyager (AP2, Programma) Karg, Fred T Boom and Bust (1988, C64, compute!'s escort lillehammer trans escort Gazette) T Cats 'N' Dogs (1988, C64, compute!'s Gazette) TB The Challenge (1988, C64, Commodore Magazine) TB Sheerluck (1990, C64, compute!'s Gazette) TB Think Tank. P Computer Ambush, with Kendall Whitesell (1982, AP2, SSI) Streeter, Neil Asteroids in Space (1983, spec, Melbourne House) Stringfellow, Steve Lochjaw (1982, 2600, Apollo) aka Shark Attack Stryker, Tim Flash Attack!, with Ken Wasserman (1980, PET, Mach 1) Aztarac (1983, coin, Centuri) Stuart, Duncan Night. Slamball (1984, C64, Synapse) originally started for 800 by Dirk Van Horne P Firepower, with Ken Grant (1989, C64, Microillusions) from AMI Bigham, Dane Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego? (1980, TRS, SoftSide) Canter, John Pushy Pig (1983, 800, Arkin) Cantwell, Edward. You won't enter here!

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(1984, C64, compute!) Blockade-like T Nessie (1985, 800, compute!) Haliburton, Ron D Omega Race (1981, coin, Bally Midway) D Two Tigers, with Tim Gilbert (1984, coin, Bally Midway) Hall, Darren Space Fortress (1983, VIC, Romik) Space Escort (1983, VIC, Romik) Hall, Gordon Force One (1987. TB Fairway Challenge (1988, 800, analog) Pappas, Lee founder of analog Computing magazine TB Sub (1981, 800, analog) Pappas, Robert P Frogger (1981, TRS, Cornsoft) from coin Crazy Painter (1982, TRS, Cornsoft) Bounceoids (1982, TRS, Cornsoft) Parker, Eric Talon, with Eric Robinson (1983, AP2, brod). Joe, with Ray Carpenter (1985, AP2, Epyx) D This Means War! Jung, Robert TB A-Rogue (1987, 800, Antic) Rogue-like Justus, Steve TB Baseball, with Steve MacLeay (1980, AP2, SoftSide) TB Mini Golf (1981, AP2, SoftSide) Kacneski, Chet TB Towers of Hanoi (1979, TRS, SoftSide) Kaestner, Ray P Burgertime (1982, INT, Mattel) from coin Masters of the. Wimpy (1984, spec, Ocean) BurgerTime-like Daley Thompson's Decathalon, with Christian Urquhart (1984, spec, Ocean) Oxland, Kevin Starforce Fighter (1987, C64, mast) Packer, Brent Andorra (1982, AP2, SoftSide) Pakerski, Andrew Robot Bomber (1982, coco, T D) Caterpillar Cave (1983, coco, T D) Fortress of the Mutant. The Great Burger Riot (1987, C64, Nationsoft) Zenith (1988, C64, Creative Sparks) Townsend, Clive Saboteur (1986, spec, Durell) Saboteur II (1987, spec, Durell) Townsend, Sean Gumshoe (1983, C64, A F) P Road Runner (1987, C64, US Gold) from coin Townsend, Zak Cobra (1986, C64, Ocean). (1986, 800, Antic) Walters, Mike TB Space Assault (1983, 800, analog) Walton, Gary Battle Island (1988, C64, Novagen) Walton, Gordon Trek X, with John Polasek (1978, PET, Instant) Dungeon of Death, with John Polasek (1978, PET, Instant) Gran Prix, with John Polasek (1979, PET, Instant). A b Commission on the Palestine Disturbances of August 1929 (The Shaw Commission).

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